Keep your cotton towels far away from your car or truck.

The threads used in microfiber cloths are composed of polyster composites invented in the late 1980s and pefected in the 1990s. Described to be hundred times thinner than a single strand of human hair and ten times finer than silk; microfibers are extremely fine compared to that of a cotton strand.Polyester is a lyophillic polymer or has affinity to oil that allows oil to cling directly to the fibers fast.On the other hand, water also easily adheres to microfiber since it is hydrophilic.Dust and dirt are naturally attracted to microfiber. A high quality microfiber towel absorbs seven times its weight in liquid.Dirt particles cling, and are attracted to the finely wedged shaped fibers of microfiber, where as a cotton towel only pushes dirt and dust from one place or another.Such great characteristics allow microfiber towels to quickly remove dirt and leave surfaces completely clean.The polyester strands of microfiber make it substantially more resilient than cotton.Its resistance to stretching and shrinking guarantees shape preservation.The elasticity of microfiber makes it immune to wrinkles, mildew, and cuts and tears.Moreover, it is resilient to most harsh chemicals, maintains heat-set pleats and creases, and is easily washed even with only clean water or light soapy water.The actual water intake of microfiber is about 98%. For cotton, absorption is just seventy percent.Making use of micro-fiber towels guarantees cleaning efficiency. It also has environmental benefits since it is safer for human and family pet skin.For one, it breaks down and soaks up dirt areas, second, it is recycleable many times prior to washing, third, it is convenient and easy to clean with.Technically, microfiber will help cut down up to ninety percent of your consumption of cleaning products in your home, primarily in the kitchen and toilets.Microfiber decreases your exposure to toxic fumes generated by excessive chemical usage because cleaning with microfiber requires no harsh chemicals.Microfibers can certainly eliminate your use of dangerous cleaning chemicals thus reducing if not freeing yourself of allergic reactions and chemical sensitivities.In most parts of your house, micro-fiber eliminates 99% of your microbes from surfaces, edges and corners resulting in a cleaner and yes, more healthy environment.